I Imagine Us as a Holy Family Engaging in the Great Work of Gathering the Light

Image by Cappy Thompson titled I Imagine Us as a Holy Family Engaging in the Great Work of Gathering the Light, 2006

Julie Jilani Esterly

End of Life

Sufism & Spirituality


Julie Esterly is an End-of-Life speaker, death activist and educator, and home funeral and green burial celebrant. Her concern about the environmental, and human rights issues surrounding death inspired her to co-found the Natural Deathcare Initiative in 2017.

A long time Sufi minister, she completed her Final Passages home funeral training with Jerrigrace Lyons, attended the1st three International Death Doula Conferences and continues to study and promote the movement to recover death as a vital part of life.

Julie Esterly offers skilled bodywork sessions focused on breath, embodiment, and liberating the natural light inherent in all beings.

Her work is a creative synthesis of the knowledge gained from many years as a chiropractor, experiencing some of the great pioneers of Somatics (Charlotte Selver/Sensory Awareness, Moshe Feldenkrais/Feldenkrais Method, Stanley Keleman/Formative Psychology, Marjorie Barstow /Alexander
and four decades of hands on experience.

Julie Esterly has been traveling the Sufi path since 1973. She serves as a senior guide and minister for the Sufi Ruhaniat International leading classes, ceremonies, and retreats in the US and abroad.

Artist credit: Cappy Thompson 2006. This commission was a project of The Washington State Arts Commission, in collaboration with The Evergreen State College.