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Dr. Esterly offers skilled chiropractic, cranial, and trauma therapy. Her healing sessions are a creative synthesis of the knowledge gained from study and decades of hands on experience. She is honored to help people heal the complex patterns created by the micro traumas of daily life (computer use, gardening, etc.) and the macro traumas of accidents, sports injuries, medical procedures and abuse.

Care is preceded by a thorough history and exam to understand the layers of intersecting causing pain, mobility issues and chi blockages. Treatment is co-created with each patient and includes non-force, dynamic and energy modalities with a strong emphasis on education and awareness. Appropriate lifestyle support is provided regarding exercise, nutrition and the cultivation of peace.

Recently people have come to Dr. Esterly for help with auto accidents, foot pain/plantar fascitis, shoulder/rotator cuff injuries, head injuries, acute back pain, athletic & dance injuries. Dr. Esterly focuses on gradually restoring health to injured, so they might experience more freedom, joy, and full life in embodiment.

Specialties: Dr. Esterly has studied with many chiropractic and somatic pioneers including George Goodheart (Applied Kineseology), Arlan Fuhr (Activator Technique), Van Rumpt (Direct Non Force Technique), Donald Epstein (Network Spinal Analysis), Moshe Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais Method), Stanley Keleman (Formative Psychology), Marjorie Barstow (Alexander Technique) and Charlotte Selver (Sensory Awareness).

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