Patient Feedback

Dr. Julie Esterly was recommended to me after I had suffered over three weeks with upper back, chest and shoulder pain. Her initial exam was very thorough and comprehensive and extremely caring. Her years of experience brought me enormous relief on the very first visit. I felt she treated me as whole human being and considered not only the physical but also the mind and spirit components of the pain which seem so widely ignored in the treatment of physical pain. Her knowing hands discovered a previous injury that I had completely forgotten to tell her about. I recommend her highly for anyone suffering from pain whether sudden or chronic.

Schaefer Roemmele

In my 56 years, Julie Esterly is, by far, the finest health care provider that I have ever been associated with. To call her a chiropractor is to call Beethoven a piano player. While Julie is a chiroprootoactor, she is so much more. Her healing techniques are innovative and effective. She has spent the time necessary to solve my myriad of health issues. Her sessions are never rushed and are always effective. If you are looking for a true healer, she has my highest possible recommendation.

David Davis

Julie Esterly’s unique and exquisite bodywork goes deliciously deep without being painful. My sessions have been profoundly healing, centering and rejuvenating. During the time I have worked with her, I have experienced the complete healing of a chronic and often debilitating back problem with which I had struggled for many years. Above and beyond her skill as a practitioner is the gentle and penetrating love that flows through her hands.

Deo Robbins







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